A rapidly changing technology in the digital era that has changed consumers’ behaviors is a key factor transforming traditional business models. Mass media business is required to make adjustments, formulate business strategies, and define new business directions in response to consumers’ demands of access to contents through various platforms. MCOT Public Company Limited (MCOT Plc.) has, therefore, established its corporate vision, mission, and strategic plans to strengthen competitiveness focusing on equally and responsibly offering an access to useful contents via all available channels using technologies and innovation and creating sustainable returns. Management under good corporate governance and broadcast of contents and information that promote wisdom and trust in order to reflect the positive image of the country are also emphasized.

MCOT Plc. places a high priority on good governance and ensures such implementation throughout organization. In adherence to operating with integrity, transparency, morality and ethics and code of conduct under the good corporate governance principles, the Company adopts the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy in its corporate management to enable sustainable business operations, while continuously promotes anti-corruption. In 2018, MCOT Plc. received 83.74 scores in Integrity & Transparency Assessment (ITA), an evaluation result at “Excellence” recognition level with 5 stars from Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies for Year 2018 as measured by Thai Institute of Directors, and 100 scores in the quality assessment for the 2018 annual general meeting of shareholders.

In addition, MCOT Plc. was given Total Innovation Management Award while Sure and Share Center was given National Innovation Award (honorable mention) in media innovation category from participating in the Innovation Management Project, which will enable the Company to achieve the business prospect in the future. MCOT Plc. has also initiated new business projects together with the seeking of new business alliances to secure the Company’s business apart from operating its core media business, examples of which are an arrangement of MCOT 4.0: Making the CEO of Thailand; a leadership program for senior executives, development of a 70-rai land plot, collaboration with business alliances in developing an application using QR code technology as a marketing tool to engage with TV viewers.

The Board of Directors, executives, and employees of MCOT Plc. stand ready to dedicate ourselves, collaborate together, and perform at full capacities. With understanding, support and trust by the shareholders, consumers, partners, content producers and other related agencies, MCOT Plc. will be able to firmly and sustainably operate its business in the midst of the intense competition, maintain its high standards and become a sustainable business organization in the future.

General Chatchalerm Chalermsukh
MCOT Public Company Limited