Today, consumer behavior and the media industry have been shaped by the advances in communication technologies. Highly intense competition with the hiking number of digital television operators caused the media to improve their business strategies to meet rapidly changing consumer behavior with more choices of media use. In 2016, the main challenges facing MCOT were resulted from several negative factors, which have adversely affected its performance, especially that of the traditional media like television, one of the Company’s core businesses. Nevertheless, MCOT, as a media organization who provides integrated media services ranging from digital television, facilities, digital terrestrial television broadcasting network to radio and digital media, has strived to enhance its competitiveness by seeking new opportunities for its sustainable growth through digital business model development. Meanwhile, we have highlighted the importance of delivering high-quality news and entertainment content with responsibility to the public and our stakeholders. To become an alternative media for the Thai society, MCOT has strived to present neutral and reliable news and quality factual and entertainment programs under the concept “Knowledge-Based Society.

In conducting our business, we have adhered to the principles of good governance, integrity, transparency, morality and ethics to enable the Company’s efficiency and sustainable growth. We have also placed an emphasis on internal communication to allow implementation across the entire organization. In particular, the anticorruption in accordance with the anti-corruption guidelines under joint cooperation between the government and private sectors has been the Company’s top priority.

At the end of 2016, to express our loyalty and gratitude to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, MCOT, in collaboration with our business alliances, organized a special project entitled “Follow in Father’s Footsteps, Carrying on the King’s Royal Initiatives”, to offer Thai people an opportunity to appreciate the late King’s wisdom through an exhibition on 9 areas of the late King’s royal initiatives. MCOT has also arranged various activities to raise the public awareness of the vital role that a media organization plays in social responsibility and sustainable development.

The Board of Directors, executives and employees of MCOT have strived to perform our duties to the best of our abilities to jointly develop the Company with good understanding and support from our shareholders, customers, business partners, program producers and other related agencies. This has been our invisible power enabling us to maintain our competitiveness amid intensely competitive environment, gain confidence of all groups of stakeholders and move towards the goal of sustainability in the future.

General Chatchalerm Chalermsukh
MCOT Public Company Limited