An intense competition in the mass communication industry, rapid change in customers’ behavior induced by the advancement of communication technologies, and sluggish economy have adversely affected the advertising spending, which was the key factor affecting core business operations of MCOT Plc. Nevertheless, MCOT Plc. has been committed to operating the business with good corporate governance practice, integrity, transparency, morality, and code of conduct to enhance its corporate competency, efficiency, and sustainability. The first priority is the good corporate governance that has been regularly communicated and implemented thoroughly in the organization. MCOT Plc. has placed importance on anti-corruption in accordance with the guidelines of anti-corruption coalition between the government and private sectors. In 2017, MCOT Plc. was officially certified as a member of Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC Certification). In addition, MCOT Plc. was awarded Excellence in Good Governance by the Committee for Determination of Securities and Investment Criteria, Corporate Governance Fund, on July 31, 2017, due to the excellent evaluation results in good corporate governance for several consecutive years.

MCOT has pledged to enhance its competitiveness at full capacity to serve every group of audience in every part of the society, utilizing its strength of being the Country’s sole organization offering integrated multimedia services including digital terrestrial television channels, digital terrestrial television network and facility services, nationwide radio network and digital media platforms. The Company has been keeping pace with rapid technological and adopted these new technologies in modernizing its content delivery platforms, especially online social media, to allow the audiences to have a prompt access to the content in response to a changing media consumption behavior. With the commitment to engage and move forward with the Thai society, MCOT Plc. has taken responsibility towards the society and all stakeholders by selecting and broadcasting creative and quality contents for the Thai audiences.

With a strong determination of the Board of Directors, management and staff members of MCOT Plc. to perform at full capacity and support from all shareholders, clients, business partners, program producers and other related agencies, MCOT Plc. will be able to effectively compete in the intense business competition, gain trust and reputation, achieve the highest standards of performance as achieved previously and become a sustainable business organization in the future.

General Chatchalerm Chalermsukh
MCOT Public Company Limited