Q1. What are the core businesses of MCOT?

A: MCOT Plc. is an integrated multimedia organization offering a wide range of services including:

  • Television
    • One analog terrestrial TV channel, Modernine TV
    • Two digital terrestrial TV channels: 9 MCOT HD and MCOT Family
  • Radio network operating 62 stations nationwide
  • Digital terrestrial broadcast network provider
  • Thai News Agency supplying news to all MCOT’s media outlets
  • MCOT Academy, a training institute conducting training programs in the fields of mass media and journalism
  • MCOT Talent, an artist management agency
  • Electronic media including website and applications

In addition, MCOT formed Panorama Worldwide, a subsidiary company producing international standard documentary.

Q2: What are MCOT’s key sources of revenue?

Q3: What does MCOT’s shareholding structure look like?

A: MCOT’s shareholding structure as of Mar 16, 2017

Major Shareholders No. Shares %
Social Security Office 10,121,500 1.47
นายฐานพัชร์ ธัญวัฒน์อภิโชติ 6,862,000 1.00
นางมยุรี วงแก้วเจริญ 6,500,000 0.95
Mr. Sophon Mitpanpanich 6,380,400 0.93
Mr. Chanchai Kultavarakorn 5,930,000 0.86
นายพีรวัฒน์ ธรรมาภิมณฑ์ 5,200,000 0.76
นายศุภฤกษ์ มงคลสมัย 3,910,000 0.57
Q4: When does MCOT organize the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders?

A: According to Section 3 (Arrangement of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders) of the Company’s Article of Association, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders shall be organized within 4 months after the fiscal year end. Normally, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholder is held in April.

Q5: What if a shareholder is unable to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders?

A: In the case that a shareholder is unable to attend the Meeting, he or she can appoint a proxy to attend the Meeting and to vote on his or her behalf by using a proxy form as attached with the notice of invitation.

Q6: What is the Company’s dividend payment policy?

A: MCOT pays a minimum of 40% of its annual net profit to shareholders, through dividends.  However, the amount of dividends to be paid to shareholders will be determined by the Board of Directors and the management which is in accordance with each year’s investment policy.

Q7: How can I watch the programs of 9 MCOT HD?

A: The programs of 9 MCOT HD can be viewed by:

  • tuning in Channel No. 4 using an indoor antenna (for Analog platform)
  • tuning in Channel No. 30 of a digital terrestrial set-top box (for Digital platform)
  • tuning in Channel No. 40 of a cable or satellite set-top box (for Digital platform)
Q8: What are other platforms through which MCOT’s programs can be viewed?

A: You can watch all programs of MCOT online on YouTube:

  • “MCOT Official” allowing viewers to watch programs of Modernine, 9 MCOT HD and MCOT Family
  • “TNA MCOT” allowing viewers to have access to news produced by the TNA
  • “Nine Entertain Official” allowing viewers to watch entertainment news and programs produced by Nine Entertain, MCOT’s entertainment content production unit
  • “MCOT Promote” promoting activities and programs of 9 MCOT HD
Q9: What is BNO?

A: BNO stands for Broadcast Network Operator.  MCOT is one of the 4 BNO who have been awarded a license to provide a broadcasting network for digital terrestrial TV channels by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (The NBTC) for a period of 15 years.

Currently, MCOT is providing services to the following clients:

  • Commercial digital TV operators
    • Thairath TV
    • Voice TV
    • Spring News
  • Public digital TV operator
    • Thai Parliament TV

Aside from these clients, the remaining spectrum is reserved for 9 MCOT HD and  MCOT Family.

Q10: Who should I contact for further information?

A:  Information about MCOT can be found on www.mcot.net/ir.
You can also call the Investor Relations Division at 0 2201 6661 or 0 2201 6388.