Mr. Kematat Paladesh

  • Member of Labor Relation Committee (employer)

Date of Birth

  • August 29, 1960

Position in MCOT Plc.

  • President
  • Vice Chairman of Risk Management Committee
  • Member of Labor Relation Committee (employer)
  • Member of Corporate Governance Committee

Current Position

Listed Companies
  • None
Companies/Other Companies
  • Chairman, Panorama Worldwide Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman, SeedMCOT Co., Ltd.

Education Background

  • Master of Communication Arts (Intergrated Marketing and Brand Communication) Dhurakij Pundit University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Radio and Television) Thammasat University

Work Experience

  • President, Bangkok Media and Broadcasting Co., Ltd
  • Managing Director, Spa-Hakuhodo Co.,Ltd.
  • Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales Group, Mcot Plc.

Training Program organized by Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)

  • Director Certification Program (DCP) Class 205/2015

Specific Knowledge or Expertise

  • Management and Business Management (Business Management, Marketing and Sale, Media)
  • Strategic Planning and Development (Strategic Planning)

Direct and indirect share ownership

  • None

Illegal record in past 10 years

  • None