Notification of MCOT Public Company Limited No. 138 /2557 on Code of Conduct for Investor Relations Officers

Investor Relations Officers (IROs) are authorized to act as the Company's spokespersons in communicating with shareholders, institutional investors, individual investors, securities companies, press and the general public who are interested in the Company's securities. The disclosure made by the Investor Relations Officers must be in an accurate, consistent and timely fashion for both positive and negative facts. In addition, the IROs are responsible for ensuring broad and fair disclosure of information and compliance with rules and regulations as specified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (Thailand) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Code of Conduct for the IROs is as follows:

  1. To perform duties with integrity, fairness and accountability.
  2. To disclose material facts and information accurately, precisely, timely and fairly to all parties and to refrain from using any improper words or methods that may cause misleading statements regarding the Company's securities.
  3. To provide opportunities for all parties involved to have access to and to enquire about the information regarding the affairs of the Company.
  4. To maintain confidentiality of the information that may affect stock price of the Company or investment decision making or benefits of the shareholders prior to the Company's official disclosure to the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
  5. To maintain confidentiality of unverified information or information exchanged during the negotiation process, which may be uncertain or overestimated.
  6. To perform duties with commitment to the protection of the interests of the shareholders and stakeholders.
  7. To build confidence in the Company, to establish a positive corporate image and attitude towards the Company, and to build and maintain good relationship with all parties.
  8. To maintain the Company's confidential information and avoid any actions or seeking private interests through improper use of company information.
  9. To fully and professionally perform duties, to be equipped with relevant competencies and to consistently develop their knowledge and capabilities in order to enhance their performance efficiency.
  10. To follow established guidelines for the prohibition of making an appointment with investors or analysts during the period close to the date of financial results announcement and trading instructions as specified by the Company.
  11. To be prohibited from trading the Company's stocks before and after the date of financial results announcement.
  12. To strictly comply with rules, regulations and related laws and with those specified by the regulators.

This Code of Conduct has been approved by the Meeting of the Board of Directors of MCOT Public Company Limited (MCOT Plc.) No. 16/2557, on July 25, 2014 and effective July 26, 2014.

Given on October 31, 2014

(Mr. Tevin Vongvanich) Chairman of the Board of Directors
MCOT Public Company Limited