The Corporate Governance is assigned following scope of authorities:

  1. To study and prepare the drafted corporate governance policy under legal framework, resolutions of the Council of Ministers, criteria, regulations and rules currently stipulated by the organizations that govern the corporate governance such as the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the State Enterprise Policy Office, the Ministry of Finance, supervising ministries and other related entities as well as international corporate governance standards.
  2. To propose to the Board of Directors the drafted corporate governance policy for consideration and approval before implementing it as the principle of best practices by the Company’s directors and management in the form of written Corporate Governance Policy Statement.
  3. To govern, supervise and give advice to directors and management of MCOT Plc. on their performance of duties and responsibilities in accordance with frameworks and criteria of corporate governance policy so that the directors’ duties of governing and the executives’ administration have been perfectly performed, nicely and constantly implemented, and subject to the shareholders and stakeholders’ expectation.
  4. To consider, review and revise the corporate governance policy continually at least once (1) a year to keep MCOT Plc.’s corporate governance policy update and in line with the international standards, laws, criteria, rules and regulations as well as recommendations from internal units that have duties in the corporate governance matters
  5. To follow up and assess, at the end of each year, the performance of the Directors and executives of MCOT Plc. in compliance with best practices as specified in the corporate governance policy.
  6. To prepare the annual assessment report on corporate governance as stipulated in Clause 5 above, and to propose it to the Board of Directors by January of the next year, including any necessary opinion and suggestion.
  7. To propose the guideline for best practices in relation to morality and code of conduct for business operations to be performed by Directors, executives and employees of MCOT Plc.
  8. To set out MCOT's CSR policy framework and short-term and long-term operating plans, which shall be proposed to the Board of Directors for approval prior to the end of each fiscal year; and to govern and monitor the implementations through the CSR Working Group that has the responsibilities in preparing the quarterly progress reports on CSR activities to be submitted to the Corporate Governance Committee and the Board of Directors for approval.
  9. To perform any other duties assigned by the Board of Directors.