The Board of Directors of MCOT Public Company Limited (hereinafter called MCOT Plc.) has appointed the Corporate Governance Committee to support the administration of the Board of Directors in the establishment of rules, regulations and good practices of MCOT Plc. in compliance with good corporate governance to achieve a sustainable success and become a leader in the integrated multimedia business in ASEAN while maintaining responsibilities towards shareholders and stakeholders.

The Corporate Governance Committee is determined to disseminate good corporate governance principles and good practices to Directors, executives and employees to promote better knowledge and understanding in this matter and enable them to practically apply the principles to their work. The principles are also expected to enhance the standards, morality and ethics in the Company's business operation in accordance with the good governance principles for all listed companies and state enterprises and to create organizational efficiency and transparency, opening to any inspection and stimulating credibility among shareholders and other stakeholders.

The Corporate Governance Committee therefore initiates this Corporate Governance Committee Charter to specify the scope of duties, responsibilities and best practices as the standard practices for the Corporate Governance Committee and to achieve the goals of MCOT Plc.