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Corporate Values and Aligning Behavior

Plan involves 5 strategic objectives as described below:

MCOT x Strategic Partner

To develop the present business; to build up some new revenue sources; and to manage assets for the Company’s long-term competitiveness.

Increase Profitability

To prioritize the rapid response to customers’ demands via all available channels; and to integrate all platforms to access to customers’ lifestyles more effectively.

Financial Stability

To ensure MCOT Plc.’s business liquidities for smooth operations.

Content Design and Development

To develop program contents most relevant to audiences’ favor and demands so that such contents will be another asset to help generate revenues for the Company continuously.

Organizational Transformation

To transform and improve the personnel’s potential for the sustainable business operation by transforming key working procedures to be more efficient, managing changes, and applying more technologies and working innovation for higher work efficacy.