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Invitation to Shareholders to Propose AGM Agenda and to Nominate Candidates for Appointment as Directors in advance for the 2024 Annual General Meeting

Business Overview

MCOT Plc. (MCOT) has operated the media business, and we categorize its business operation into 4 groups as follows:


“MCOT 9 Television Station”, broadcast under CCIR/PAL 625 in the analogue system around the clock from the base station located at the head office in Bangkok to other 35 provincial network stations around the country.


MCOT Radio Network broadcasts a wide variety of informative and entertaining radio programs. The network consists of 62 central. Covering service areas in Bangkok and neighboring provinces across the country covering 92.4% 

Digital terrestrial television broadcasting

MCOT Plc. is one of four operators who have been awarded for the television broadcasting facility services license, and terrestrial television broadcasting network and facility services license under DVB-T2 standards (Second Generation Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting System) for 1 MUX. 

Digital and new businesses

MCOT Plc. is an alternative channel to watch various programs, either live or recorded broadcasting to be watched on demand via 9 MCOT HD, Channel 30 under the digital media archives and MCOT RADIO Network of MCOT Plc. through the internet and other platforms. 

Key Investment Highlights

Statement of Comprehensive Income

Revenue Breakdown 9M/2023

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กิจกรรม MCOT Run จ.กระบี่

กิจกรรม MCOT Run จ.สุโขทัย

แนะนำรายการช่อง 9 MCOT HD - รายการภาคเช้า

แนะนำรายการช่อง 9 MCOT HD – รายการภาคบ่าย

แนะนำรายการช่อง 9 MCOT HD - รายการวันเสาร์

แนะนำรายการช่อง 9 MCOT HD - รายการวันอาทิตย์