Sustainable Business Development Policy and Goals

MCOT Plc. intends to operate its business and become a high quality organization in the media industry with a commitment to enabling Thai society to have equitable access to information and to implement social responsibility activities.
The Company adheres to its commitment to using corporate capability as a mass media to drive economic, social and environmental development under the corporate direction of “being good media that create good society”. MCOT Plc. also pays high importance to creating the best benefits for all stakeholders under the corporate governance principle, which is a significant foundation to sustainable development.
MCOT Plc.’s Chairman has announced the “Sustainable Business Development Policy” andimplemented it throughout the organization through various communication channels.
The policy is instrumental to drive transparent operations that meet with international standard. MCOT Plc. reviews the sustainable business development policy on yearly basis by considering the changing circumstance, trends and direction, related rules and regulations as well as other internal and external factors on sustainability in order to enable the Company to efficiently achieve its vision, direction and goals. MCOT Plc. realizes the importance of encouraging participation of executives and employees in supporting and implementing the sustainable business development policy and communicating this policy with all stakeholders to enhance sustainable development in all aspects.

Environmental aspect

The Company focuses on developing communication strategy to raise awareness and stimulate behavioral changes towards using natural resources with respect that will encourage the society to participate in efficiently managing the environment. The Company has improved operational process that consumes less resources while creating minimum impact on the environment from its business operations.

Social aspect

MCOT Plc. operates its business with responsibility through fair operations, respect for human rights, copyright and intellectual property. The Company promotes personnel capability, inspiring them to create excellent work by using their creativity and talent; produces accurate and fair content including content about sustainability; and adopts responsible marketing practice.

Governance aspect

MCOT Plc. operates and manages its business by adhering to the seven governance principles namely accountability, responsibility equitable treatment of all stakeholders, transparency, value creation, ethics and stakeholders’ participation.

Sustainability Management Goals

MCOT Plc. realizes the importance of operating business as a mass media with significant roles in inspiring and influencing people’s perception and behaviors as well as social changes.
It sets a corporate mission to encourage participation and to equally care of all stakeholders under the Media Social Responsibility (MSR) framework. The MSR framework has been integrated with corporate strategy and business direction in parallel to sustainable management strategies that emphasizes the Company’s social and environmental responsibility and commitment to supporting sustainable growth of all parties as follows:

Sustainability Policies

Sustainability Management Policy
Policy Policy on Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment