MCOT Public Company Limited (MCOT Plc.) is a state enterprise under the supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister.

It was incorporated as a public company limited on August 17, 2004 by mean of the conversion from the Mass Communication Organization of Thailand (M.C.O.T) by virtue of the Capital of State Enterprise Act B.E 2542 (1999), and being listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on October 8, 2004.

Later, on November 17, 2004. At present, the major shareholders of MCOT Plc. are the Ministry of Finance, holding 65.80% of shares, and the Government Savings Bank, holding 11.48% of shares. Others are the retail shareholders, holding 22.72% of the issued and paid-up shares.

For the joint operations with Bangkok Entertainment Co. Ltd, under the Agreement was expired.

Corporate Goals

MCOT Plc. establishes the middle-term turnaround plan on its business operations for year 2022 – 2024 in accordance with the resolution .The concept of the turnaround plan is based on competitive business environment both currently and in the future. The corporate goal of being listed in Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) in 2025 is set in adherence with the vision of “Provider of Trustworthy, Accurate and Timely Content”. MCOT defines strategic objectives that involves 5 ares as follows:

MCOT x Strategic Partner

To develop the present business; to build up some new revenue sources; and to manage assets for the Company’s long-term competitiveness.

Increase Profitability

To prioritize the rapid response to customers’ demands via all available channels; and to integrate all platforms to access to customers’ lifestyles more effectively.

Financial Stability

To ensure MCOT Plc.’s business liquidities for smooth operations.

Content Design and Development

To develop program contents most relevant to audiences’ favor and demands so that such contents will be another asset to help generate revenues for the Company continuously.

Organizational Transformation

To transform and improve the personnel’s potential for the sustainable business operation by transforming key working procedures to be more efficient, managing changes, and applying more technologies and working innovation for higher work efficacy.

Television Business

The former name of Modernine Television station is “MCOT 9 Television Station”, broadcast under CCIR/PAL 625 in the analogue system around the clock from the base station located at the head office in Bangkok to other 35 provincial network stations around the country.

The service scope covers 87.0 percent of areas nationwide, and 88.5 percent of people in those service areas. Modernine TV station in the analogue system has stopped the broadcasting service since July 16, 2018 according to the period of returning the frequency allocated by the Office of the NBTC. Since 2014, MCOT Plc. has provided the digital terrestrial television broadcasting network service according to licenses to operate commercial digital terrestrial TV channels at the national level in 2 channels comprising a High Definition (HD) variety and Standard Definition (SD) Family channels. The term of such licenses is 15 years, starting from April 25, 2014 to April 24, 2029.

MCOT Plc. has returned a digital terrestrial TV license in the category of kids and families (MCOT Family Channel 14) in accordance with the Order of the National Council for Peace and Order, No. 4/2019 regarding Solution for the Television and Telecommunication Industries in Clause 10 prescribing that any digital terrestrial TV licensee who wishes to return the license must submit its written request to the Office of the NBTC, and the broadcasting of this channel stopped on September 16, 2019.

In 2021, the broadcast schedule was presented in the theme of “Trusted Content and Platform” in 4 main strategies:

  1. Program relevance strategy – The broadcast schedule is provided relevantly to each group of audiences, and continuously.
  2. Program worthiness strategy – The program copyright shall be managed most efficiently, and cover all media platforms.
  3. Direct communication strategy – The target audiences will be fixed clearly while the matters to be communicated will be determined for convenient recognition.
  4. Focus on content reliability and creditability of 9 MCOT HD.

The Company has also sought for and given opportunities to new business alliances so that its channel contained various contents, and obtained the income stability.

Moreover, in 2021, MCOT Plc. increased the proportion of entertainment programs from 35.35% in 2020 to 42.55% in 2021. Most programs were the drama series from China, either periodical, Chinese martial arts, and modern drama, as well as premium series from the global alliances like BBC, e.g., The Musketeers, The Kettering Incident, and The Living and the Dead. The Company has been determined to produce the news and situation report programs for daylong watching. These programs accounted for 35.91%, e.g., Morning News, Lunch News, Kui Kamong Bai Som Mong, Rang Plob Kom, Evening News, Kub Kao Krob Praden, Saturday-Sunday Duo News, flesh news at early hours, Fang Hu Wai Hu, and Inside Thailand Exclusive. For edutainment programs, various interesting documentaries around the world are presented, e.g., The Wonderful Animals, Aerial China, Grand Space China, and Grand Space Thailand, etc. The Channel also allocated time for live broadcasting of TOYOTA Thai League, which could attract some audiences.

Broadcast proportion classified by program type (%)

News and situation report
General Knowledge

Average broadcast proportion by production format (%)

Rented airtime

The Thai News Agency

The Thai News Agency is the Company’s center for the production, gathering, storage and dissemination of neutral, accurate, reliable and timely news and information delivered through different media platforms operated by MCOT Plc., including Modernine Television Station, 9 MCOT HD Channel 30, radio station network of MCOT Plc., electronic media via website, social media, cooperation, and news exchange with foreign news agencies and major media in the world.

The Thai News Agency (TNA) was established on June 16, 1977. It is the first news agency of Thailand, and deems the national news agency mainly in charge of producing, gathering, storing, and reporting news that are broadcast via radio, television, and digital media. The Thai News Agency always shares news with foreign alliances, and is a center of sharing and presenting Thailand’s news to many countries across the world.

The Thai News Agency adheres to the presentation of news under professional standards. Accurate and neutral news are always delivered based on the principle of mass media morality, and updated news reporting technologies. The Fact Checker Expert Center was also established as a center of checking facts in the online social media.

The Thai News Agency has provincial offices located in four regions: Central and Eastern News Center, Northern News Center at Chiang Mai province, Northeastern News Center at Khon Khen province, and Southern News Center at Hat Yai District in Songkhla province.

Nature of product or service and news service format in media

1. Television media

News reporting programs produced by The Thai News Agency via live broadcasting is 9 MCOT HD, Channel 30. All news programs may be divided into: main news programs such as 9 Morning News, Early-Hour News, 9 Lunch News, 9 Evening News whereas news bar would be presented in every news program; and other new programs, e.g., Rueang Plob Kum program, Saturday-Sunday News Duo program, Kub Kao 9 program, Investment Minute program, Rueang Ngai Klai Tua.

2. Radio media

  • To produce early-hour news programs for MCOT radio stations nationwide broadcast from 08.00 – 23.00 hrs.
  • To produce news programs for FM 100.5 MHz Radio Station broadcast across the country, e.g.,
    • Kao Tan Kao broadcast every day from 07.30 – 08.00 hrs.
    • Lunch Brief News broadcast every day from 12.00 – 12.30 hrs.
    • Krob Kueang Rueang Kao broadcast every day from 18.25 – 19.00 hrs
  • To produce “Suan Aksorn” program for FM 100.5 MHz Radio Station, broadcast every day from 03.00 – 04.00 hrs. (produced and recorded on CD for prompt broadcasting, and, at the end of each year, these CDs would be delivered to Thailand Association of The Blind for Thai blind people), which is a CSR activity of The Thai News Agency.

3. Digital media

e.g., website, social media, Facebook, YouTube, Line, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Apart from the news presentation, The Thai News Agency also produces the programs specifically tailored by customers’ demand to generate the business revenues.

Radio Business

MCOT Radio Network broadcasts a wide variety of informative and entertaining radio programs. The network consists of 62 central and regional radio stations broadcasting in FM and AM frequencies. Bangkok is the base station of the central area broadcasting around the clock through 9 radio stations (7 FM and 2 AM stations), covering service areas in Bangkok and neighboring provinces. The other 53 FM radio stations are located in provinces across the country covering 92.4% of areas nationwide. The population in the target service areas is 93.8%.

MCOT Plc. has operated the radio business by itself, which includes the production, marketing, and management of broadcasting various programs containing various formats of information and entertainment under the name of “MCOT Radio Network: Modern Network, New Pace of Wisdom-based Creative Society”. The Company’s radio network aims to improve the knowledge and quality of life of general people, and for public interest and local people. The radio network covers and accesses to listeners at all ages and genders in every target group. Based on the image of modernized radio stations, every program of MCOT radio stations can be listened via radio and other channels for listeners in the country and on abroad. Either live programs or recorded programs of each station can be selected via internet at www.mcot.net and via the application installed on the smart mobile phone. These radio programs are also integrated with the social network communication channels, e.g., YouTube, Facebook, etc.

In February 2022, MCOT offered the highest auction fee for 47 frequencies consisting of 6 frequencies in Bangkok and vicinity including FM 95.0 Mhz, FM 99.0 (Active Radio), FM 96.5 MHz, FM 100.5 MHz (MCOT News Network), FM 107.0 MHz and FM 105.5 MHz , and 41 frequencies in regional areas. After the auction, MCOT have revised Mellow’s business plan focusing on online platform and event marketing for idol community.

Central Radio Stations

MCOT Plc. produces and presents its FM radio programs in 6 central stations by delivering various informative and updated contents as well as all styles of popular songs by program hosts who are experts in every field, and well-known new-gen program hosts. These stations focus on audiences in all target groups at all ages and gender. The service areas cover Bangkok and vicinity. Each MCOT radio station formulates its positioning and specific target audiences explicitly as follows:

  • FM 95 MHz-“LTM FM 95 MHz Look Thung Maha Nakhon”: The station presents Thai country music in a new light, feeding a variety of knowledge and contents. The station was ranked No. 1 most popular radio station across the whole range of target groups for all ages and genders. The programs are presented by new-gen program hosts, well-recognized program hosts, national artists, senior music master, singers, and general people, who are modern, informative, warm, and close to listeners. The service areas extend from Bangkok and suburban areas to other provinces around the country via satellite broadcast to MCOT provincial radio networks nationwide. From constant operational improvements in terms of program and presentation formats and marketing activity designs to raise the station’s popularity and maintain target audience base, this station has been ranked No. 1 of top 40 popular radio stations in Bangkok.
  • FM 96.5 MHz-“Thinking Radio 96.5”: In-Depth Contents, Profound Thought, Direction to Success: The leading thinking media station that has been acceptable and reliable among leaders in every field on every platform. The station is a center gathering over 100 leading thinkers with different expertise to analyze all important circumstances in politics, economy, society, foreign affairs, technology, and even life balance under the concept of “SURVIVED, SUCCESS and SUSTAINABILITY”, broadcast around the clock.
  • FM 99.0 MHz-“Active Radio”: Thailand Strong Station: This strong Thailand radio station presents useful programs on sports, tourism, health and recreation activities under a concept of promoting physical and mental well-being of Thais, and happiness in recreation activities. This station has the unique presentation characteristics. It gathers over 100 sports gurus of Thailand, and is suitable for listeners at all ages and gender regarding sports and health. As FM 99 MHz delivers both content and entertainment, this station has been highly favored by people who appreciate sports, and care for health. In addition, on 20.00 – 22.00 hrs., Monday – Sunday, the programs of this station are broadcast via satellite network to MCOT provincial radio stations across the country to enable Thai listeners of MCOT radio stations to listen to and monitor local and foreign sports movements, and to obtain some information about health and recreation activities simultaneously with other listeners in Bangkok and vicinity.
  • FM 100.5 MHz - “MCOT News FM 100.5”: It is the news & talk radio station, first operated on February 1, 1993 up to now under mass media mission of realizing the social responsibility. Thus, this station always presents factual, accurate, rapid, constructive, timely, and reliable news, which arouses the awareness of social responsibility, and shifts the quality of life of people. This station is a leading radio station of the country, which produces the quality news programs broadcast all day, and monitors and investigates all news. It intends to be a national mass media network, and a mediate to give any warning and social support in collaboration with The Thai News Agency that is the news producer of the station, news reporters, volunteer news reporters, local and foreign media alliance network, program hosts, academics, and leading news experts of the country. The theme of this radio station is “Fast and Trusted News”.
  • FM 107 MHz-“MET 107”: An international music station broadcasting newly released and hot hit music in conjunction with hip and trendy lifestyles under the slogan, “For Life and Music”. The contents are presented in both Thai and English languages. It also broadcasts news contents from several global news agencies like BBC.

    The broadcasting of MCOT radio stations covers areas nationwide, comprising 4 FM radio stations in Bangkok where are the station base of broadcasting to the other 53 provincial radio stations in different periods as specified below.

    • FM 95 MHz “LTM FM 95 MHz Look Thung Maha Nakorn”
    • FM 96.5 MHz (Kluen Kam Kid)
    • FM 99 MHz “Active Radio Strong Thailand”
    • FM 100.5 MHz “MCOT News FM 100.5”

    Early-hour news are broadcast every day for 13 breaks, 8 minutes per each, and Koh Tid Kao at the mid of each hour

    Business plan revision after auction

  • “Mellow” Content for IDOL Community: A source of people admiring IDOL songs like K-POP, J-POP, and T-POP, and other fan clubs of Chinese and Korean series. The station has also provided the stage and activities promoting the creative presentation and competence of Thai youth admiring IDOL and TPOP styles to the public; updated news relating to Korean musical regime including IDOL, girl groups, boy bands, Korean artists, online live show or MV as well as in-depth interesting information about Korean and Chinese entertainment regime; and given chance to IDOL fan clubs to promote and update stories of artists they favored, exclusive activities, and any fan club meetings.

MCOT Provincial Radio Stations

MCOT Plc. defines that the provincial radio stations will be local radio stations of each province where the program production and presentation format are based on public and local interest. Each program must contain both knowledge and entertainment (edutainment), and allows public participation. The programs may be categorized into 3 as follows:

  1. Local Programs designed with local interest, such as “MCOT for Communities”, which allow listeners to raise opinions and complaints.
  2. National Network Programs: The news program of the Thai News Agency was also broadcast from the host station FM 100.5 MHz to every MCOT provincial station across the country at the top of each hour.
  3. Nationwide programs: A radio production project for simultaneous broadcasting nationwide to connect listeners around the country with various sources of news and information promptly and seamlessly.
  4. The Company has also developed the program production of the provincial radio stations in the cluster form. To boost outstanding characteristics and popularity of programs, the radio stations in such administration center will produce the programs by rotation for broadcasting on those radio stations, including:
    • Northern Radio Administration Center
    • Northeastern Radio Administration Center
    • Central and Eastern Radio Administration Center
    • Southern Radio Administration Center

Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Network Business

MCOT Plc. is one of four operators who have been awarded for the television broadcasting facility services license, and terrestrial television broadcasting network and facility services license under DVB-T2 standards (Second Generation Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting System) for 1 MUX. These enable MCOT Plc. to provide 8 national television channels as follows:

  • 6 Standard Definition (SD) digital terrestrial television channels
  • 2 High Definition (HD) digital terrestrial television channels

MCOT Plc. has expanded the digital terrestrial television broadcasting network by installing the network and facilities in 39 main stations and 129 additional stations as listed below to cover over 95.1 percent of households since June 15, 2017 in accordance with the requirement of the NBTC so that the general people could watch through the television with DBV-T2 in the built-in tuner, and through the set top box.

MCOT Plc. has provided the national digital terrestrial television broadcasting services based on the following channels:

  1. High-definition digital television stations
    • 9 MCOT HD, Channel 30 operated by MCOT Plc.
    • Thairath TV, Channel 32 operated by Triple V Broadcast Company Limited
  2. Standard-definition digital television stations
    • Senate Channel, Channel 10 operated by The Secretariat of the House of Representatives.
  3. Standard-definition digital television stations
    • Sports and Tourism Channel, T Sport 7 operated by the Sports Authority of Thailand.

Digital and New Business

Digital Business

The digital media of MCOT Plc. is an alternative channel to watch various programs, either live or recorded broadcasting to be watched on demand via 9 MCOT HD, Channel 30 under the digital media archives and MCOT RADIO Network of MCOT Plc. through the internet and other platforms. This is also the channel of publicizing the business of the Company and joint business organizations. The marketing promotion activities are also done on the online media by expanding the number of audiences from the conventional media to the digital media. The social media is a channel used for public relation activities.

TV Shopping (Shop Mania)

MCOT utilizes advertising time to add business value. Advertising time is managed for promotion of products in collaboration with partners and distributors. MCOT shares revenue for selling the products. In 2022, MCOT plans to sell its own products on Shop Mania platform to increase revenue.

Business Content

MCOT licenses its content domestically and internationally, in collaboration with partners and producers. The purpose of this business is to expand the business into OTT platform. MCOT shares revenue with the partners and distributors.

Online Photos and VDO Distribution (The Shot)

Valuable news photos and footages that are the assets of MCOT are distributed online on https://theshot.mcot.net/ They are rare and taken at significant events. This business is developed to be a new source of revenue for MCOT.

MCOT ACADEMY and Artist Management Business

MCOT Plc. institutes MCOT ACADEMY Unit as an academic and training institute. The main mission is to arrange the mass media training to prepare and develop knowledge and professional skills for university students, mass media operators, and general people so that they have the quality and standards to work in the mass media field or other related fields. MCOT ACADEMY also joins hands with many educational institutes to develop the mass media academic knowledge and profession together.

MCOT Plc. also establishes a working unit to administrate and improve the artists who would be promoted to perform works as the master of ceremony, program host, news reporter to support the internal media of MCOT Plc., and to acquire some revenues in the same woks from the mass communication business and entertainment business outside the organization.

MCOT ACADEMY has provided training programs as following:

  • “Public Relations Strategy in the Digital Age” program
  • “Radio Program Production” program
  • “Giving Interviews to Mass Media for Senior Executives” program
  • “Writing to Communicate with the Community” program
  • “Reporters in the Broadcasting and Television Business” program
  • Academic activities for education and social services for example, arrangement of special lectures regarding mass communications to university students in many institutes, or provision of lecturers to educate educational institutes or external organizations.