Stabilization of "MCOT"

Stabilization of "MCOT" MCOT Public Company Limited (MCOT)'s IPO included an over-allotment of 18,000,000 shares, which were borrowed from Ministry of finance. The shares were allocated to investors through an over-allotment agent, Phatra Securities Company Limited, which seeks to procure them through the SET and return to the lender under the following conditions: Stabilization Period : 17 November - 13 December 2004 Price Conditions: The purchasing price of the over-allotment must not be higher than any of the following: - the offering price (22 baht) or - the highest bidding price or - the last trading price at the time, whichever is lower. Sign Posting : The SET will post an "ST" sign on the security to inform investors of the stock's stabilization from 17 November to 13 December 2004. The procurement period may end before 13 December 2004 if the over-allotment agent can procure all of the over-allotted shares and/or exercise a greenshoe option to subscribe for shares from MCOT Public Company Limited.