16 February 2005

Press Release of Modern Radio

Ref : MCOT 6104 (1)/475 February 16, 2005 The Stock Exchange of Thailand ATTN : The President Re : Press Release of Modern Radio Dear Sir : Mr. Mingkwan Sangsuwan, President of MCOT Public Company Limited (MCOT Plc) has announced at the press conference held on 15 February 2005 at Plaza Athenee Hotel Bangkok the launch of its five FM radio stations, namely FM 95, FM 96.5, FM 97.5, FM 99 and FM 100.5. These five radio stations were recalled from concession holders last year. The Luk Thung Maha Nakorn FM 95 features popular country songs from every music companies. The station will also broadcast live via MCOT s web site: www.mcot.net for Thai audience abroad. All-year round activities will be organised for audience participation. A special programme called Super Station will be broadcast between 00.30 and 06.00 am. everyday by professional DJs. The nationwide network of the station will allow audiece all over the country to enjoy various songs played by well known DJs including such celebrities as Darunee Kritbunyalay and Thai National Artist Chai Meung Sing. Under the concept of Food for Brain , The Kem Took Sara Kon Took Kwam Kid FM 96.5 is targeted at business exercutives. The station focuses on economic news, stock market news, health and social programmes hosted by well known personalities such as Dr. Suwan Walaisathien, Mr. Nitipoom Naowarat. Besides, music therapy will be presented by Professor Dusadee Phanomyong. SEED FM 97.5 features hit pop songs from every music companies targeted at teenagers. DJs are young generations who are supposed to be idol for teenagers. F.M. 99 Healthy Thailand features news and analysis on sport and travel. DJs are such celebrities as former Miss Thailand Universe and medical doctor and so on. F.M. 100.5 features local and world news broadcast 24 hours in cooperation with seven news stations worldwide, namely CNN, BBC, VOA, AP, Reuter, NHK and Xinhua. Also, MCOT has cooperated with news stations in Indochina, such as Burmese, Cambodia, Laos Vietnam and OANA. Metropolis 107 F.M. which has launched for more than 8 months as an English language station features local and international news and also broadcasts English pop music in the 70 s and 80 s. During the Tsunami disaster, this channel has provided information service for the victims families so they could get as much help as possible. Sincerely Yours, (Mr. Thanachai Wongthongsri) Chief, Corporate Law Department MCOT Public Company Limited