26 April 2007

The resulted of the selection of the President of MCOT

Ref: MCOT/ 6124/954 April 26,2007 The Stock Exchange of Thailand Attn: The President Re: The name of the President of MCOT Plc. Dear Madam: The Board of Directors Meeting No.6/2007 on 26 April 2007 has resulted to approve the selection of Mr.Wasan Paileeklee to be appointed as the President of MCOT Plc.. And the negotiation on the remuneration of the president will be later carried out. Sincerely yours, (Mr. Polchai Vinijchaikul) Acting Vice President, Legal Affairs and the Company s Secretary Office MCOT Public Company Limited Investor Relations Tel. 0 2201 6454 Fax: 0 2246 1961