15 May 2007

Explanation of the change in the Q1-2007 of more than 20 %

Ref: MCOT/ 6124 /1100 May 14, 2007 The Stock Exchange of Thailand Attn: The President Re: Explanation of the change in the Company s performance of more than 20 % Dear Madame, MCOT Public Company Limited (MCOT Plc.) is a mass media organization whose primary revenues come from television and radio businesses. MCOT Plc s net profit for the first quarter of 2007 reached Baht 231.917 million,or a 27% decrease from Baht 316.369 million for the first quarter of 2006. This change was due to a 22% decrease in television revenues and a 3% decrease in radio revenues. Such decrease in revenues resulted from the Company s TV programme revamp, the slowdown and delay in Government budget spending in 2007 and the change in the Government s PR policy.In addition, the Company, at that time, was being in the selection process for the new President which might have caused the delay in advertising budget spending on Modernine TV to wait for a clearer management policy. Meanwhile, the Company s expenses did not decrease in proportion to the decreased revenues, which resulted in a 27% decrease in the Company s net profit for the first quarter of 2007. Sincerely yours, (Mr. Polchai Vinijchaikul) Acting Vice President Legal Affairs and the Company s Secretary Office MCOT Public Company Limited Investor Relations Department Tel. 0 2201 6388, 02 201 6454 Fax 0 2245 1854