16 July 2007

Informing of MCOT's approach toward the Draft Bill

Ref. MCOT/ 6124/1646 July 16, 2007 The Stock Exchange of Thailand Attn: President Re: Latest update on MCOT Plc. s approach towards the Draft Radio and Television Broadcasting Bill The Thai Cabinet, in its meeting on July 10, 2007, has approved in principle the Radio and Television Broadcasting Bill. According to the draft, some articles of the Bill will impact Thai broadcasters including MCOT Plc. At this preliminary stage, please allow MCOT Plc. to update you on the matter as follows: 1. The Office of the Council of State is currently scrutinizing the Draft Radio and Television Broadcasting Bill before submitting it to the National Legislative Assembly for approval. 2. MCOT Plc. has had keen interest on the above-mentioned issue from the beginning. Having studied and closely monitored the development of the situation, MCOT Plc. is positive that the enforcement of the Radio and Broadcasting Bill will provide business opportunities to the Company, particularly one of the stipulations which categorizes state-owned enterprises as business operators. This definitely gives a clear direction to the Company s future endeavors. MCOT Plc. is strongly confident in its performance and competitiveness in the future. 3. The Company will be delighted to regularly inform the SET of any further development regarding this issue. Sincerely yours, (Mr. Wasan Paileeklee) President MCOT Public Company Limited Investor Relations Department Tel. 0 2201 6388, 02 201 6454 Fax 0 2245 1854