Notification on news relating exercising state power

Ref: MCOT/6100/ 3030 December 18, 2007 The Stock Exchange of Thailand Attn: The President Re: Notification on the news relating MCOT Public Company Limited exercising State power Dear Sir: Kindly refer to the article recently published in the newspapers claimed that "after the transformation of the Mass Communication Organization of Thailand (MCOT) into MCOT Plc with a status as a juristic person, MCOT Plc can no longer exercise state power and is not entitled to claim legal ownership of MCOT's assets, the state properties which were acquired through exercising state power. Such state properties therefore must be transferred back to the State.". MCOT Plc's clarification with regard to the above-mentioned statement is as follows: 1. The properties that possessed or owned by MCOT Plc are not acquired through expropriation by exercising state power. And for the use of the state properties for MCOT Plc's relay stations, the annual fee has been paid to the regulatory body, while the construction of buildings and broadcasting towers were MCOT Plc's own source of fund. 2. Since 1996, we have paid the annual fee for the radio and television frequencies used by MCOT Plc, including Channel 3 and True Visions Plc. whose permission granted by the former Post and Telegraph Department, currently known as the National Telecommunication Committee (NTC). Sincerely yours, (Mr. Wasan Paileeklee) President MCOT Public Company Limited Investor Relations Tel 02 201 6454, 6338 Fax 02 245 1854