Report on the usage of the capital increasing

Ref: MCOT/6124 /306 January 31, 2008 The Stock Exchange of Thailand Attn : President Re: Report on the usage of the capital increasing As being listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 17 November 2004, MCOT Public Company Limited hereby submits the report of the use of proceeds from the IPO as between July 1 - December 31, 2007 totally amounting to MM Baht of 44.644 and the use of proceeds from the IPO, as of December 31, 2007 amounting to MM Baht of 617.684 as stated in attached document. Sincerely yours, (Mr. Polchai Vinijchaikul) Vice President, Legal Affairs Office MCOT Public Company Limited Investor Relations Department Tel: 0 2201 6388 Fax: 0 2245 1854 Report of Use of Proceeds from the IPO as December 31, 2007 Accum. Between Plan Outstanding Amount Jul - Dec Use of Proceeds (MM. Amount (MM. 2007 Baht) (MM.Baht) Baht) (MM.Baht) 1. Expanding radio networks 50 - - 50 and television relay stations - The expanding of the Networks involves with new frequency which requires the permission granted from NBTC. Hence, the expansion can be achieved only after the set up of NBTC. 2.Upgrading broadcast 65 36.061 13.228 15.711 equipments in radio and television relay stations both in the central and regional areas: - Upgrading broadcast equipments in television relay station 3. Improving capability of 27 17.590 9.410 - producing and capability of selecting programs for the Company's various media channels: - Organizing training courses for Radio, Television and News staffs. 4. Investing in the 650 519.389 22.006 108.605 implementation for digital TV broadcasting in the future: -The replacement, maintenance and supply of the back up equipments of digital broadcast. 5. Investing in Asia Regional 50 - - 50 Hub of Communication Pproject: - Under the discussion with International News Agencies. 6. Investing in MCOT TV 700 - - 700 Project - The project has been slow down. The Company will inform SET of further information. Total 1,542 573.040 44.644 924.316